...my first post here. 'just got back into riding again and I need help w/ my suspension set up on a Trance 1 small frame ('05). I'm putting a Manitou Black fork on it, 130mm w/ that fancy clikit and the frame has a Fox float R shock, w/c I was told, is a replacement and not OEM. I'm about 5'4'', 140 lbs. soaking wet.
Let's just say that I'm totally ignorant w/ whatever is involved w/ suspension set-ups, i.e. sag, rebound etc. and would appreciate any input on the matter. I'd rather spend time ridin' but a little techno-know-how might improve things.
I'm out here in the NorhtEast (NY) and has enjoyed riding rocky, rooty, twisty single tracks up and down. Fully protected like DarthVader at slug speed. I will appreciate all your inputs and will try to have thick skin for the insults thrown my way.....TY