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    Need Help with Trance. Have some issues!!

    Hey guys,
    I am kind of new here. Been a member for a while but have not posted much.
    Here's my deal; I have owned a 20" 2005 Trance 3 since early 2006. I ride quite often, and in doing so, I have come to the conclusion that my bike may be a bit on the large size for me. I think the frame size may be right, but I need to fine tune some things. I am 6' tall. The bike is stock except for replacing the stock 120mm stem with a 90mm, and I also have my seat all the way forward on the post.

    I believe my main problem to be in my reach. I try to have good posture when riding, but I find my shoulders to be forward and my arms to be a bit too straight. I thought the 90mm stem might help, but I don't know if it really does.

    I have been told by one LBS that the bike fits and I just have to work on my posture, and by another that I need to change some things, mainly the stem length and handlebar height. They suggested that I replace the stem to a longer one and also replace the fork so I can add spacers to the steer tube and then cut it at the height that is right for me.

    So I am a bit confused and need some advise. To be quite honest I don't know what to do here. Should I go with the suggestion above and see what happens, or should I sell the bike and move to an 18"? If I do try a new fork and stem, how do I know what height is right?
    Any suggestions on a fork? The LBS suggested the Rockshox Revelation 426, however I would like to find something less expensive if possible, and I don't know forks what will fit the Trance. Since it's kind of trial and error, I would hate to buy a $400-$500 fork and still be in a bad way.
    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Describing a bike fit problem on the internet is like trying to describe a good looking girl. They both are easier with pictures

    Try and get a photo of you in riding position leaned against a wall, this will help immensely.

    If you can't do that, I suggest a high rise stem and/or a high rise bar. Both are way cheaper than a new fork.

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    How much seatpost do you have showing? Is it way out?
    I would not want to go any shorter than 90mm on the stem as the bike will begin to get twitchy but that's my preference.
    The fact that the saddle is all the way forward and you have a short stem on there and still feel like you're reaching seems to indicate the frame is too big.
    For reference I'm 5'7" with a 32" inseam and ride an 18" frame with a 110mm stem. My saddle has room to move forward as well.
    Just about any 100mm-120mm fork will fit your bike. That is an expensive upgrade just to change your bar height though. Although I guess not as expensive as a new frame. Are there no spacers between the stem and headtube at all?
    Maybe as previously suggested a hi-rise bar/stem will help.

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    My problem was similar to yours. I seem to have bad posture in general which includes on the bike. I'm 5ft7 with a 30" inseam and ride a 16" Trance. My main problem was that I found my hands were getting sore probably from pushing forwards on the bars because going up hill it wasn't so bad (pulling on the bars), elbows were often locked rather than bent.

    I don't think anyone will be able to tell you what to do, maybe give you some ideas. I went through several bars and stems to find the right set up. I tried a 2" rise bar, and I tried various stems including a 90mm, 75mm, 70mm, 60mm, 40mm.. Most of them were purchased off ebay or forums (apart from a thomson when I thought I had it right) so money loss was minimal. In the end I'm riding a 1" rise bar with a 50mm x 15deg stem. All I can say is that since switching to the short stem my elbows are bent whilst riding, position is comfortable and I won't be going to a long stem again. It doesn't fix my back posture but does make it easier to work on.

    My advice would be to try a higher rise bar - or a shorter stem with more rise in it. Get something cheap off ebay in the length you want & then if it's not good just sell it again.
    Yes 50mm does make the bike more twitchy at slow speed, but it's controlable.

    My bike came with a Tora 318SL fork, it's cheaper than the revelation I think if you found you had to get a new one, although I would stick with the revelation. I did remove a spacer and have mine at 130mm travel, I have found this also helps to relax the riding position even more and obviously lifts the front end up a bit.

    All I can say is the only way to find out is to give it a go. A lot of people think a short stem such as 50mm is ridiculous on a XC type bike, but it's whatever you find comfortable.

    If you're a numbers type guy then here are a few links to fiddle on.

    On this one below click on the "Fit System" register and plug in all the numbers, it will come out with some stem lengths and how high to have your seatpost etc, very good to get an idea if your fit is alright but it's not gospel.

    Wrench Science

    And once more handy little chart...

    You see I did a fair bit of research when I had problems, in the end internet advice was ok but didn't really help because nobody can really tell you what will be right for you.

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    All good advice from everyone including "nobody can really tell you what will be right for you" from ducktape.

    Add another vote for the shorter stem and a higher rise handlebar. It is the best place to start and also the least expensive approach to solving your problem (unless you have steerer tube spacers you can shift from top to bottom).

    Another thing to consider is if your existing seat post is one of the rear offset posts you may want to replace it with a no offset one which would alow you to slide the sadle another inch forward.

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    OK 1st up your saddle position is fixed or should be relative tothe alignment of knee over pedal spindle KOPS or at least your knee should be just over or behind (up to 2cm or so) of the pedal spindle when you're seated on the bike. From there adjust your cockpit to suit what you like. At 6' you should be able to fit a 20" frame unless you have very short arms using anywhere from a 90-120mm stem. If you have bad posture that's something you need to work on as it will effect all aspects of your riding.

    With regard to buying a new fork to get a longer steerer and higher bars that's Bull$hit, just buy a 2" rise handlebar or 45 degree or higher stem.

    As other suggested a photo is wort a thousand words.
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    To all who have responded, thanks for the input.

    I know I have to get a picture up, and I will do so soon, just need someone to take the shot for me.

    In response to some of the questions asked, my seat post is stock and it is straight, no offset. There is about 6" of the post showing, and plenty more to go if I needed it. I have since moved the seat to where it should be, in the middle, and I have it set at the correct height to give my leg the correct bend and position my knee where I believe it should be, pretty much right over the pedal.

    The stock stem was an Easton 120mm, which I believe had a 6 degree rise (not sure which model stem came on the '05 Trance 3) and the handlebar, which I am still using, is an Easton EA50, with I believe about 3/4" rise. The stem I have on the bike now is the 25.4mm Sette Edge with a 10 degree rise.

    I have taken the advice of a higher rise bar and just ordered the Sette Duo 25.4mm 7075 riser bar with a 1.5" rise. So I am hoping that the combination of the 90mm 10 degree stem and the 1.5" rise bars will give me what I need. If not, I will just try a higher rise stem. I figured another 3/4" on the bars might do the trick without getting too crazy and going with a 2" or the 2.5" rise bar.

    I have also visited another LBS and test rode an 18" 2007 Trance, and when the employee compared me on that bike to my own, he felt that my 20" was a better fit for me and also suggested I try a higher rise bar as well. So that gave me some peace of mind. Maybe my bike is actually the right size after all, and all I need is just some fine tuning. I hope so because I am sick of thinking about it.

    On a side note, I know there is some discussion on these forums from time to time about Sette products. I bought the Edge a while back since it was inexpensive and I wasn't sure if the size would work for me, but it has been a good stem. So I decided to try some of their bars as well. The Duo 7075 bars are also inexpensive, and if they are the right rise for me I am sure they will perform as well as the stem. Just thought I would mention it because, like myself, others out there seem to be curious about the Sette products and their performance.

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