Need to choose 2 bikes. Veteran advice wanted-
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    Need to choose 2 bikes. Veteran advice wanted

    Me and my s/o are looking forward to taking up the sport. We live in Saskatchewan (flat) and like getting out to BC (mountain). I may just end up answering my own question with this post but I can't be sure.

    The LBS I prefer carries Giant. He recommends the Trance 2 as it's a good fit between efficient uphill and capable downhill. In my experience in other sports where terrain varies (snowmobiling) greatly depending on where you are, is that crossovers end up being too much of a compromise at both ends. You're better off picking something that works well where you want top performance and put up with it the rest of the time. Is a Reign going to be that much of a turd peddling uphill and on the flats compared to a bike like a trance or an Anthem?

    2nd. For my g/f. I was thinking of going with either the Trance or Pique SX 2. (Women's model) Is it worth it going with a women's bike?

    We'll be riding around here but have a 10 day BC road trip this summer where we'll be doing some trail riding as well as shuttle/lift assist DH type stuff. I really want whatever I get to work well in this type of terrain.

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    The Giant Trance looks to be a very good all-around trail bike.

    Finding a bike good at both everyday trail riding and lift assist/DH is not going to happen.

    Get a good trail bike. If you do lift assist and stick to the green/easy routes a trail bike may work. Otherwise, for the few days of lift assist you'll do, rent a real DH bike.

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    The Trance 2 is the best all-rounder option. The Reign SX I demoed recently wasn't exactly a turd on flats and uphills, but no comparison to how the Trance and Anthem go up hill. The flip side is that in this area, the terrain in general simply wasn't gnarly enough to make the SX more beneficial than the Trance when pointed down, but with the Anthem you can easily get in over the bike's head pointed down hill. So I stick with the advice I've been giving people on the Giant lineup. If you're racing XC or want a bike that you can race XC on, get the Anthem, but be aware that on "play days" it may come up a bit short. The Trance is a good bike to go out on casual or fun rides on, and price wise, the Trance 2 is hard to beat. It's capable enough to do some serious playing, but you wouldn't want to race it seriously in XC races. It would probably be find for a casual race or two to see if you're interested in racing though. The Reign is a full on Enduro race/park bike. I would be most comfortable with it on all day rides that entail starting out with a bit of a climb to get on top of a ridge, crossing the ridge for several hours, then making a massive downhill bomb. But the Trance would do that in a non-race situation, and be easier on the uphill.

    As far as the women's specific bike for your S/O, the thing to do is take her, let her ride the bikes, and choose which she's more comfortable on.

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    I have owned an Anthem (that I put wide bars & a dropper on-before the cool kids did it), I have currently a Reign & Trance Advanced. The Reign is built 100% for enduro riding, long slow grinds uphill & smashing everything going down like you are on a DH bike. I've tried to ride it on some flatter XC trails and some rail-trail style stuff and its just terrible on the flats.

    My Trance on the other hand seems to be a really solid blend of the reign & anthem. It doesn't climb like a mountain goat, but its no pig. I can get to the top without too much struggle, I can also point it down any DH, including the local enduro trails & rip them as fast or faster than my reign. Short of some super gnar Tech, I've only felt underbiked on the Trance at a few places (Angel Fire - World Cup DH for example, Keystone), where I felt overbiked on the reign 50% of the time.

    I'd go with the Trance

    FWIW- I'm in Colorado and have easy access to bike parks/ long descents.....

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    Tnks for the help. Bought a Trance 2 today. It'll be weeks before the trails are snow free and dry here but I couldn't wait.

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