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Thread: I love my AC!

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    I love my AC!

    Finally had a chance to ride my new AC. It's one of those bikes that just feels right, at least to me. I had been riding smaller frames (was sizing based on standover) but they never felt quite right to me. This one, however, just "clicked".

    Also, is it just me, or do these things climb great? I'd rate it about twice as good as my previous bike, a Kona Bear. I have it set to the 5 inch travel, and it has the Sid air shock on the back (2002 AC Air).

    All in all a great ride. As I told the guy on the trail that I loaned my chain tool too... It's by far the best bike I've ever had!

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    I've never ridden mine in the short travel mode and it still climbs great...it's a little hefty, but with the addition of the Swinger 4-way is a great climbing all around trail bike!
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    AC's Rock!

    I just got to take out my new AC2 for its maiden trail voyage yesterday. So, to break it in I decided to try it up the steepest trail around, one that very few people can clean and I've only been able to clean it 3 times last year on my XC bike after lots of riding to get in shape. needless to say, I didn't clean it but it wasn't that bad. The thing really hauls when the trails level out or drop. Man, this bike screams. I couldn't belive what you can ride into and let the suspension soak up. I got some good air and this bike fly's good and lands great. I'd like to try some lighter tires on it to see if it would lighten it up and make it roll better.
    Oh yeah, I managed to blow both tubes on the final down hill! That sucked, I was really suprised that they blew. Two holes in each tube, one on each side of the tube.

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