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    How an '05 Reign 2 can save your life.

    Riding up my closest local trail, Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg WA, I came to realize how glad I was I bought that bike. So I'm smashing out the 3 miles of doubletrack east of the trailhead, which is fairly smooth with loose rocks and gravel in places and I'm feeling good, getting the legs warmed up. Trail turns south and starts climbing, not gradually, I'm talking steep stuff. The rocks are getting worse, legs are burning but I'm eating it up. Make it to the top about 6 miles into the ride and I decide to head back the same way instead of finishing the loop because I'm dead tired and I don't feel like climbing another 1000' over the next 2 miles. Bomb down the ORV road back to the valley and somehow I managed to forget the half mile of ridiculous loose boulders that make up part of the initial climb. I end up in the middle of the rock field, still running around 30mph and trying desperately to find enough traction to slow without locking the front tire when it happens. A loose rock about 6" x 12" is dead center about 5' in front of me and I get locked onto it like a deer in the headlights. I tried to move to avoid it but for some reason my arms are locked in fear of going down shoulder first into embedded rocks and I hit it dead on. At this point I fully expect to go helmet first over the handlebars and get handed a busted everything after I come to a stop, but miraculously, the suspension soaks it up and I barely feel a blip. Hats off to Giant and Manitou, all I could think to myself was if I was on my hardtail, I would have been ass over nose on the ground with something broken. Anyways, that moment justified every penny I dropped on that bike, and I can't wait to ride it again!

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    I bet we've all had one of those moments, you know the ones where you close your eyes and hope for the best

    I've definitely encountered that scenario on more than one occasion on my Reign!
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    Been there done that . You get really lazy riding a reign . This is what the bike is for after all the magazine adds for the reign say "its about going over everything in you path"
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    That's exactly what I was telling someone, yesterday, on my ride. He asked me how I like the Reign...

    "I feel my skill is going down... I don't really care what line I take... the bike's an Animal. It eats up everything..."

    Sometimes I pick the most stupid line on purpose... the only thing that I hear is the tires and the suspension: phluck, phluck, phluck. Then I'm off it.

    I'm lovin' it!

    (just kidding about my skill going down - this bike has taken my riding to a totally new level...)
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    Its not that the bike can let me go faster,which it does,it is extending my cycling life.My rapidly decomposing aging body would have called it quits on me by now if I was still on a HT.The Reign is by far the best bike ive owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ro.nin
    Sometimes I pick the most stupid line on purpose... the only thing that I hear is the tires and the suspension: phluck, phluck, phluck. Then I'm off it.

    I'm lovin' it!
    Thats kind of a good way to learn just what you and your bike can do and what you cant do on it...
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    I just did the 24hrs at Big Bear 2 weekends ago. I was doing a good bit of training on my K2 Razorback prior to the Race. A few days before the race I decided to ride the Reign just for fun. My riding patners wanted to know what I took before the ride because I was putting the wood to them.
    I was going faster on the Reign despite the 10 extra pounds (33 lbs vs. 23 lbs). The suspension and more upright position out did the gains of the weight reduction. I gained more on the techincal sections and down hills then I lost on the flats and hills. Needless to say I decided to run it at Big Bear.
    Great choice, I ran the fasted lap on the team. Also, it was great blasting down some steep techincal sections at the race. Everyone with their XC bikes and flat bars had thier hands full. It was a playground for me.

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    i seriously think many reviewers underestimated the Reign. I personally thing its climbing ability is excellent. My brief experience [2 years of riding] with hill climbs is the Reign climbs better than my old Hardtail i had. I love my Reign.I just need to buy more Bling for her.


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    Here is my Reign. I came from an iguana hard tail so every aspect of riding is now so much better. I also pick the nastiest line and nail it through it. I have only come unstuck when I push too far, but I will get there. I have some new parts coming for her 6mth anniversary. PG990 cassette and chain. I will also be getting the new x-9 stuff when it comes out.
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