help rebuilding 2009 Rincon?-
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    help rebuilding 2009 Rincon?

    hey guys I'm Ernie
    I got a 2009 Rincon frame for cheap, my plan was swap everything off my Costco ironhorse & ride.
    everything swapped except the fork necks too short for the long Giant neck.
    the local bike shop said I can't just buy ANY fork than put it on or it won't fit as some bikes require straight necks & some tapered necks, I asked them about the Rincon & they wouldn't answer nothing just hand over the bike & we'll do it, once they have the job signed for they'll give me a list of fits.

    I'm a mechanic so the parts swapping is easy but the new issue of fork neck type has stopped my rebuild.
    the plan was to buy some cheap new ones of eBay/AliExpress then be done with it just can't find online what kind of fork neck the 2009 Giant Rincon takes.

    does anyone have knowledge on Giant neck/fork types?

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    Measure the headtube diameter... that should tell you what steerer type you will need

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    Straight 1 1/8" head tube, head tube length will vary on the size. Any 1 1/8" straight steerer fork should work.

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    awesomeness!!  Thank guys!!

    Ok my original plan is back on man.
    the bike shop wouldn't tell me nothing just shot my idea down of a generic straight steerer & were condecending in a arrogant way about me just handing over my bike signing a work order if I wanted any info.
    After that type of treatment from their honchos they'll NEVER see a dime of my $$, the mechanics & welders at my work were all like to Hades with them eh & recommended I ask here, it was a great idea!
    thanx again guys.

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