Ive got a brand new NRS (two rides) its got the OEM FSA internal headset and a fox TALAS. Two things are going on:
The first is at the longer travel >100mm lengths it feels like there is movement between the upper and lower legs almost as if itís loose. The movement feels very similar to a loose headset, and itís audible. Is this normal for this fork or longer travel forks in general?
The second is that the bearings have movement in them; you can move the inner raceway independent of the outer raceway, maybe 1mm or so, but noticeable. Are these bearings just crap? Iím used to CK, and from the first day I put the headset together I never liked the way the rings sat into the races.
Iím concerned that the longer travel has stressed the bearings and this is going to be a reoccurring nightmare. Can I get an internal CK headset to fit my NRS?