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    Giant XTC Jr 26+

    I just bought my son a brand new XTC Jr 26+. The dealer got it in only 3 days ago, brand new for 2018. I've found no forum mentions or reviews, but I thought I'd throw out a few questions. Its a birthday present so the boy hasn't seen or ridden it yet. We hope to get him to join us on mtb rides, but shouldn't see anything too steep or rough.

    I was drawn to it for its simplicity and size. It's a 1x9. I like the idea of no front derailleur. It has 32t up front and 11-36 in the rear. Will it climb? My wife is concerned that its only a 1x.

    It also has no front suspension. Now a days that is rare, but my thought is no suspension may be better than cheap suspension. Will this be a problem, or is it only a matter of perception. My wife is also concerned on this item as well.

    And finally, it has 26+ wheels. At 2.8" they're sort of fat, but not really. I'm hoping they'll make up for the lack of suspension.

    Back to the size. With my son turning 11, I think we missed the boat on a 24" bike. Most places were steering me to an adult XS frame. That just seemed like too much bulk for my still little guy. This bike seems to be a good transition between the two, with room to grow into. I just hope he's not disappointed that it doesn't have cool shocks or more gears.

    So, what do you all think? Any insight? I'll give it more of a review once it gets some rides. Thanks.

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    When my son was 11 he was on a XS 26" bike with short stem, worked really well at the time. He had air fork, tubeless wheels and the best components we could afford because he raced it.

    Back to your concerns, don't worry too much about front suspension but worry about finding the sweet spot in tire pressure. Wide tires are cushy but if the psi is too low will slow you down, play with air pressure. The 32tx36-11 might be a bit tall for him, try a 28t.

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    It sounds to me like you made a good choice.

    Also I think you're right, not having a suspension fork is probably better (less weight) compared to having a crappy low end suspension fork. You can always potentially upgrade to a suspension fork down the track?
    1 x 9 gears are probably also great for that age, easier to get used to thinking ahead and changing gears etc without having to worry about front and rear.

    Our daughter had a similar type but 24" bike and it made a huge difference compared to her riding a smaller kids bike before that. I don't think she would have been ready for a proper adult size bike at that stage (probably around age 8 or 9)
    She was rather tall for her age though, so by the time she was 10/11 she seemed to have outgrown it somewhat.
    So we did end up upgrading her bike sooner than we had though we would, but one reason is because we were moving and wanted to buy from our fave LBS. She would have been about 10 or 11 when we got her a small Liv Tempt 4 with 27.5" wheels, half decent bikes with 26" wheels were hard to find. Our Son would have been about 12 and he got the medium Talon 4 ( 27.5" wheels).
    Needless to say he's 14 now and taller than me anyway.
    The bikes didn't seem to hamper them at all, even though it seemed a bit early to go to bigger bikes.

    My daughter is nearly 13 and even though her current bike has 3x8 spd I think she would have been better off with a 1 x 9.

    Exciting times anyway, hope he loves it.

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    Has anyone weighed this bike. Thinking about this or a small adult bike for my son. However if it's over 30#s that's a deal breaker.

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    i picked one up today, the 24" version. felt quite light, prob 27lbs?

    anyone seen a geometry chart for these bikes?

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