• 07-16-2007
    Found my beater Giant Acapulco have ?'s
    So I found a Giant Acapulco laying in a dumpster today, took it home and pumped up the tires and it still rides decent.

    The first order of business is going to be replacing the tires/tubes and saddle as this bike looks like it has spent years under the sun.

    I waxed the frame and it came out looking ok, but when I pulled out the seat post I noticed its only a 26mm. Does anyone even make a post that size?

    I bead blasted the old post and repainted it flat black since it had surface rust in spots.

    I also noticed the head set was only an 1"

    How can I decode the serial number on the bottom of the frame? Not that it matters, but I would like to know if mine is a mens or womens model. It's bright red with splashes of black.

    It's going to be used as a college beater.