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    Feedback on 2006 Giant Rincon

    Hello everyone. I just purchased my first bike in a very long time. I purchased it mostly for bike paths/trails and as cardio exercise. I'm hoping to eventually do a little aggressive riding.

    I did research before I purchased my bike and I had decided on the Trek 4300 but because of the price I was going to take the 3700. While I was at the LBS they had a 2006 Giant Rincon on Sale for $289. It was in the same price range as the 3700 and the sales associate explained it was better than the 3700 and very comparable to the 4300. I test drove it and he sold me on the bike before I was able to do any research on the Rincon. I have done some searching but can't seem to find much.

    Can someone let me know if I made a good choice and the pros/cons?

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    I had an '06 Rincon, I think, bike shop wasn't too clear on if it was an '05 or an '06, it was dark blue, rim brakes, basic outfit... anyways I'm assuming the Rincon you have is similar to the one I bought.

    If so, its a great bike for $290 but definitely not on par with the best. It's an entry level hardtail that is designed to get you rolling. It's capable on pretty much anything you want to use it for, though it's not as nice as some of the high end bikes.

    1 - Price! I'm sure you already noticed that
    2 - It's a beefy frame, it's as strong if not stronger than most trail hardtails, not as strong as a dirt jumper but better than a XC weight weenie

    1 - Weight. It's a fat pig! Probably weighs over 30lbs which is considerably hefty for a hardtail
    2 - Fork. That fork is adequate for smoothing out little bumps and works okay for most trail riding, but it falls far short compared to most of the forks offered by the big companies. Don't even consider dirt jumping or any sort of freeriding with that thing.
    3 - Components. They are cheap, but they work, they won't last very long if you use the thing on a regular basis. Good news is as they wear out you can upgrade. Expect to be replacing your chain, casette (gears on the rear wheel) and bottom bracket fairly quickly.

    Have fun with it, really mountain biking is about the experience, not the equipment. Upgrade at your lesiure or save up for that sweet rig that you've been drooling over, I stepped up to a Reign and I haven't looked back, it was one of the best purchases I've ever made.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Is it me or does it seem like this bicycle isn't too common? I know it's not about having a popular or common bike but I would feel more comfortable knowing that many other people have purchased this bike AND are happy.

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    I have an 06 Rincon, black and silver, and I love it. I have upgraded the fork to a RockShox Tora and the components, fd to a deore and the rear derailleur to an XT recently, thank you nashbar. The XT is not pictured in the pics below. I also replaced the stem with a much lighter one from Kalloy Guizzo and the grips with Pedros lockons. All in all its a great bike, like clutchman said its a bit hefty but it is very strong and upgradeable frame that can handle a lot. I paid 290 for mine as a year end closeout and I felt that was a great price. I just don't like the way the 07 frame looks without the extra support near the seat post. Anyway hopefully that can help you a little. I love mine and am glad that I got it. Please no comments on the weeds they are gone now, haha.


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    You have nothing to worry about. Giant is a very well known bike manufacturer (they make the Trance, Reign, Glory to name a few of the more expensive brands and also the XTC).
    The Rincon should be well worth the money you paid.

    Here in Australia the Rincon / Yukon / Alias / Thermo are all pretty common and generally closely compared to what other manufacturers like Trek and Specialized have on offer. I must say though Giant does often win out when it comes to value for money.

    On a lighter note if you haven't heard anything about your bike then it must be a good thing, as we all know it's the negative news that tends to spread more than the good stuff!!

    Just ride & enjoy.

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