Generally I find the X bike vs. X bike threads to be pretty scattered, opinionated and generally inconclusive. Heres where my thread is different, I'm going to describe in a litte more detail what type of rider I am, it's intended use and general rideing charcteristics that i find usefull (and useless)

I'm intersted in buying (most likley) a used frame to build a XC racer over the winter. I currently have an overbuilt Titus ML that is not even remotely close to being XC ready at this point. So to be clear, I'm looking for a XC race specific frame. I can't afford to drop the kind of con needed to acquire such brands as titus, turner, etc. I think the Superlight might even be a stretch, but there's enough late models around.

I live on the east coast. I'm 5'9 and w/ a 32 inch inseam. I weigh 175 lbs and generally fit a 17inch frame/ mediums. I do much better on technical courses as I;m an aggressive rider . I almost always clear those sections where folks are carrying their bikes. When things get super climby and or spinny , I don't do as well. I'm sure the weight of my ML doesn't help. I have a tendency to get out of the saddle and hop/power through things.

With all the above being said, which of the following frames best suits my riding style?