couple things about my reign....-
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    couple things about my reign....

    ok first of all, i did some uber stair cases in Central Park, NYC. the rear shock never bottomed out, and i had the pressure slightly lower than needed, so just wondering if this is normal?? 2nd, my boss have his jr T for free, and he basically said screw getting a sherman, get this, bad idea??

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    I don't know if dual crown forks are reccomended for the Reign, but if you go with the Jr. you can upgrade the internals and give yourself a really awesome T for cheap.
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    I'm no Reign rider but I've read enough on them to offer this advice.....

    1 - The O-ring might not have gone all the way to the bottom of the shaft on the Swinger, BUT that doesn't mean it didn't bottom. As far as has been said full travel only goes within 4-5mm of the end of the shaft.

    2 - Putting a dual corwn fork on the Reign will instantly void your warranty, it is not designed for it and there's no telling what might happen.
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