I am looking at racing an anthem advanced 29 next year. My LBS has a large that I was able to spin around the parking lot to get a feel for size. It felt ok but I have some concerns. I feel like the medium may feel too cramped, I had a medium 2017 anthem SX that I absolutely hated. I felt like to get the reach comfortable I had to be way too far back and climbing performance suffered.

I am 5'11' with a 31.5" inseam. I am not as critical of reach and stack as I am seat angle and seat position relative to rear axle. My thought is go with the large, swap the stem for a 60 or 70mm stem, swap set back post for 0 offset post. My big fear is that I'll have trouble keeping the front weighted on steep climbs and that the fit of the large just won't be quite "right".

My questions to current anthem advanced 29 owners are:

1) how tall are you and what is your inseam length?

2) What size frame are you on?

3) what length stem?

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