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    2018 Trance 3 vs Scott Genius 750

    Hi All,
    1st post. I've been riding a hardtail for a couple of years now mostly XC. I'm considering getting a trail bike to get more into small jumps, drops and varied riding and have arrived at a couple of competing models I like the look of: the Trance 3 and the Scott Genius 750.

    My current one is a 2x10 26/38x11-36 with 27.5 wheels and I'm fairly happy with the ratio range. It has a Rockshox XC30 so I don't know much about bigger, more capable and adjustable air suspension.

    The differences I note between the 2 are the Scott has their twin lock function, a 140 mm Rockshox Recon, SLX rear, 2x setup, 2.8" tires and 27.5/29 compatibility and the Giant has a 1x and 150mm Suntour Aion fork.

    I'm leaning towards the Scott with the thought that it could be changed to a 1x later but if suspension is drastically different that might sway me back since that would be $$ to change. My bike also has narrow 2.1" tires so not sure if 2.8" is too much.

    My head spins trying to work out what the Rockshox models even are and what features they have especially at the cheaper end. I didn't find a whole lot about the Suntour except 1 thread that mentioned in passing that it's quite good. Do the lower priced forks have the option of volume spacers I see referenced for adjustability if that matters?

    Feel free to chime in your thoughts on the above and anything else that's relevant. I realise this is the Giant section but thought I might get more relevant feedback vs the General/All Mountain sections.

    Interestingly I generally noticed in the past that the higher priced bikes tend to have the nicer colours too but these 2 appeal to me more than the $$$ models so I'm not complaining

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    I sell both of these bikes, the biggest difference IMO is BB height. In my area the Scott cranks hit everything on the trail and are too low. Just sold my Scott and picked up a Reign and really happy about not having to hit my pedal every 1/4 mile. If you do not have a problem with pedal strikes, then the Scott is a great handling bike.

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    the Aion fork is SERIOUSLY underrated. it literally SH## all over the Recon (i have owned both).

    the Aion has 35mm stanchions, better damper, volume spacers included, custom tuning available(s4 suspension).

    the Aion is a Trail/Enduro fork
    the Recon is an XC fork

    the only con is it's "slightly" heavy.

    Note: the Aion on the Trance 3 is the Ebike Aion with 35mm stanchions. The regular Aion has 34mm stanchions

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    Thanks guys. Sounds like there's a few things about the Scott that may make me question it although it would still be good to test ride. I may buy something in the next month.

    That said I have had another option come onto my radar - The Merida 140 700 which looks to have a good 1x drive train and better Revelation fork. Assuming I can post links, this guy raves about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNDAIt2Id2M. Possibly a key difference to a Trance mentioned is it's effectively single pivot suspension.

    I forgot to mention I did test ride a Trance 2 briefly a couple of months ago and only on a short demo track having no knowledge of setup at the time either. I remember not drawing much from the experience other than thinking it didn't give me 4-5x the fun for the 4-5x the price of my hard tail I guess I need to take one down a full trail.

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