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    2018 Reign SX vs 2019 Reign SX 1?

    Ignoring cost, which Reign is specced better overall? I'm not familiar with DVO shocks and while I have SLX on my 2017 Trance, not sure how the NX 1x12 compares. Also the extra 10mm of travel in the front is throwing me off. Here's some details about both bikes:

    2018 Reign SX has: SLX 1x11 with 170mm RockShox Lyric fork and 160mm RockShox Super Deluxe Coil. SRAM RS brakes.

    2019 Reign SX 1 has NX Eagle 1x12, with 180mm DVO Onyx SC fork and 160mm DVO custom-tuned Jade coil. SRAM R brakes.

    Did anything else change about the frame from 18 to 19?


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    Get the 2019. It's as intended. Don't buy this bike to pedal all day, although it will pedal all day if you're in shape. I have a 2019 SX 2 with the DH drivetrain, and it pedals uphill fine for a couple hours. With eagle I bet its great. It's a super enduro bike, the back end feels almost like a freeride bike. It's very capable, and the 180mm fork makes sense on the bike. I think the DVO Onyx and Rockshox Yari are not nearly as burly as the back end of the bike. It needs a top of the line Lyrik or 36 Factory to keep up realistically. And a riser bar if your tall.

    Don't worry about the slack seat tube angle if you're in shape. I don't notice it much when climbing, and I ride steeper seat tube bikes all the time. It helps with traction sometimes I think, but then hurts a little with the position of your legs, so I find it null and void really. 73 to 75 degree STA are fine by me. On the downhills I like it, I don't feel as far forward on the bike and I can manual and pop over stuff easier, being over the back end. I dont like to be any further forward on the bike. I think my bike is 72, but I dont feel it holding me back more than suspension action would.

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