I've been riding since the start of the year and intend to meet my brother and his friends on more challenging trails in Texas and possibly Bentonville, AR. I've developing my skills and conditioning on a '17 Trek Stache. While the Stache is a very capable bike and I'm nowhere near its limits, I'd like to pick up a trail bike this Summer so that I can have fun developing my jumping skills at these trails.

My question is whether a 2018 Giant Reign 2 would be overkill for the intended use? My budget is about $2K-$2.5K. I don't need the most adjustable suspension. I'm not racing, just looking to have fun on more technical trails with more jumps and drops than I have been riding.

I'm 5' 4", with a 27.5" inseam. So a Small sized bike is in my future. I like my 29x3.0 tires, but am not stuck on having to have monster truck tires. I do want a bike that will be "poppy" and playful. I'm happy to use volume spacers to help with making a bike more progressive. Would this be an options on a Reign 2? I'll be in Denver in six weeks and hope to hit a couple of stores to see if there are any left over bikes. I've located a '18 Reign 2 for about $2K. Figure I could purchase at a shop and pay to have it shipped to TX.

All answers and any suggestions for bike options are appreciated.