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    2017 trance 2. Fox dps float lower bolt stuck!!!

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    servicing lower fox shock, 2 top bolts out,bottom bolt stuck!


    1 mins ago
    Have a 2017 trance 2 w a fox dps float rear shock. I Removed top 2 bolts no problem, but when I attempted to remove lower bigger single bolt I was able to get nut off but the bolt kept spinning and looked like it was stick to bearings, maybe a bit rusted dirt in it? I don't want to hammer it out and damage the threads. HELP!!

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    I have a 2012 Anthem with same lower link design and have had the same issue. The lower shaft is sturdy and won't get damaged with moderate force. What i do is back the bolt out about 1/8 of an inch and give the bolt a light tap. Use a piece of wood so you don't scratch the bolt finish. There is no Du bushing on the lower shock and the shaft won't seize to the shock. At least nine hasn't in six years. It is corrosion on the bearing I.D. that is causing the hang up. If needed you can spray some penetrating oil in the lower and let it sit for awhile. It will come out, just needs a light tap. Good luck!

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    Remove nut lay bike on side apply Triflow lube around bolt and partially reinstall and tap "nut" to loosen remove nut and use smaller diameter driftpin to drive bolt out.
    Wait whuuut, who did he tell you that!?!?....

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    Awesome, thanks guys!!!

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