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    2008 Trance X rear shock upgrade options

    Hi all,

    I am a newbie to these forums, in fact this is my first post!

    I have a 2008 Trance X2 which I have recently rebuilt and plan to keep riding for quite a while yet. It’s still running the original rear shock (Fox Float R) which I have always wanted to upgrade but the unique size (184x44/7.25"x1.75") has made that difficult. Pretty much anything would be an upgrade in terms of adjustability – even if it just means I can turn the factory-set ProPedal off – as the only adjustment on this shock is the rebound which I have always found a bit limiting.

    After years of keeping an eye out, I now find myself with three options that would cost me around the same, give or take $50 or so. I’m honestly not sure which way to jump with this, so I am hoping the brains trust here could give me some advice.

    For reference, the tune codes for my original shock are Medium for both compression and rebound. Front fork is now a 2014 Fox Float Factory 32 CTD.

    Option 1 – Fox Float RP2 Boostvalve
    Originally fitted to a 2010 Trance however has Light velocity/compression tune (Rebound still Med), with BV 200. Not sure if this change in compression tune was considered an improvement between ‘08-’10, considering that the frames themselves are identical?
    Needs a rebuild so I could probably get a custom tune done (for the open position) when it is serviced.

    Option 2 – Fox Float Factory CTD Boostvalve w/Kashima
    According to the 4-letter code this is from a 2014 Trance X 29er 0. Rebound tune M, Velocity tune L (so same tune as RP2 above) with BV 250.
    (I guess this one would match the front fork, both being 2014, CTD and Kashima!)
    Seems to have the most adjustability of the three here.

    Option 3 – Rockshox Monarch XX Debonair
    Rebound and compression tunes both Medium. (Although I half expect what is considered Medium by RS may well be different to that of Fox.)
    Not really familiar with RS shocks so unsure of adjustments, features, etc on this one. At first glance it appears to only have rebound adjust – maybe not much different to what I have now? Originally fitted to a Cannondale Habit so different linkage design (although same leverage ratio) may mean it is not really suitable.

    One of my main issues with the original shock is its lack of small bump compliance – sometimes it has felt like I am riding a hardtail. (I imagine as a result of the inbuilt ProPedal that can’t be switched off, as bigger hits seem to be absorbed quite well.) So small bump compliance is one of the particular improvements I would like to gain from this.

    I am also very unsure of the consequence/effect of fitting a shock with different tune to the original – in particular going from a Med compression/velocity tune to a Light one (Options 1 & 2)? Although these are both originally from Maestro linkage frames so in theory should be ideal?

    My riding style would be a mix of XC and Trail. I am about 80kg (around 175lb) kitted up.

    Apologies for long post, and if any of my questions are a bit simplistic. All advice hugely appreciated.

    (If the main suggestion is to simply wait until an RP23 comes along, I will be happy to ride as-is for now and bide my time...)

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    I went through almost the same scenario as yourself. I changed my forks out on my '10 Trance X frame to a 140mm Fox Factory 32 CTD, then started to look for a shock. Ended up with a Fox RP23 redone by Push. Medium tune XC. It has been fantastic. I'm still in love with this old girl and have no issues keeping up with guys on their new 27.5's and 29er's. I suspect I'll get a couple more seasons out of this bike yet.

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