Hello everyone. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents on the NRS, since I have now owned one for 3 consecutive years in a row. Comming off of my Old Stubborn 2000 Norco Kokanee this bike was a serious improvement. I had tested out all of the name brands of bikes that were similar to the NRS. Nothing came remotly close. The NRS is the perfect blend of climbing agility, strength, and reliablility I have come to expect from Giant Bikes. My personal Experience with this brand was intense, but I am positive that I am now ready to make my review, and make it a good one.

Some Points:

1. The NRS system is top notch. There is absolutly no bob, not play, or any type of problem with this system. Through out all of the bikes I drove before I made my choice of the NRS, nothing was as smooth, or as hard as I wanted it to be. The Shock is not the most adjustible, one knob for adjusting the rebound, but less or more air in the positive and negative side has proven to me that this bike can either be a hardtail, or a really active full suspention bike with the pump of 30-40 lbs more air into the shock above rider weight.

2. With the modifications I have made to my most resent NRS Air, the bike itself has become more stable, less sketchy on turns, and certianly a beefier bike now. With 3 Simple yet expensive add ons (Chris King Headset/ISO Disk 32 hole Hubs, Mavic 519 rims, and Thomson Stem) it is like driving a Honda compared to a Lamborghini - No comparison.

I have absolutly nothing bad to say about this bike, it has been the absolutly best purchase I have ever made in my life. If you are considering buying an NRS, take a second and third look at this baby before you decide not to buy it.