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    08' Rincon.

    So i have a fixed gear track bike and a single speed dirt jump bike. Lately i've had the urge to ride a little cross country. So i took the dirt jump bike out and it sucked. I couldn't get into the right position to tackle the hills.

    So i've decided i'm gonna get a cheap XC bike to hit the trails with. I've looked at a ton of bikes and so far the 08' Giant Rincon is the best looking (the flat black and flat green frame) and seems to be the best value at $399 with disc brakes.

    Heres my question, at that price i'm buying a nice frame with crap components but it's all i can afford. Is the frame gonna be worth upgrading in the future to someday become a nice hardtail or should i bite the bullet and get something nicer. The Rincon frame just looks so sweet in that color and it comes with Kenda K-rads that i could use on my dirt jump bike. Any opinions or comments.

    Thanks, JDB

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    The XTC has always been considered a very upgradeable XC hardtail in the Giant range, but of course it's twice the cost of what you are currently looking at to begin with.
    It really depends on what sort of jump bike you're riding at the moment.
    If you have really decent forks and components on your jump bike then the Rincon may not live up to your expectations, and if you start looking at getting a new fork or better disc brakes and other components straight away it will cost you a lot more in the long term compared to say buying something like the XTC with the better components straight up.

    But if XC is just a spur of the moment thing that you think will always be a sideline (or a change from) jumping then the Rincon may be just the ticket.

    In reality to answer your question about upgrading a frame all you have to do is have a look & see what sort of stuff is on the top of the range bike in that particular line (ie the Yukon). It gives you an idea as to how upgradeable it is. And realistically you would never make it into a top of the line, dripping with the best stuff, light weight XC race machine, but you probably never want to anyway! Depends what your idea of a nice XC hardtail and decent components are.

    Something else to keep in mind is that if you really got into XC a lot more compared to jumping you may even consider going to a 4" dually or something similar down the track, in which case the Rincon would have been a perfect stepping stone. If you spend more now & have made the wrong choice well you will simply have to live with it for a bit longer, or on the other hand the nice ht will become a loved part of your bike collection once you go out and get the FS rig.

    Obviously you have done your research and narrowed it down to one bike which you like the look of and is in your budget. With that I'd say go for it!

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    The Rincon is a good, entry-level xc hardtail. But the frame ensures that it remains entry-level. By that, I mean, it does not have as aggressive a geometry as the XTC frame. You won't be able to upgrade it to a super lightweight racer. But for many people, the geomtry will be just fine. So if is at the top of your budget at $400, then get it. If you can afford a little more, do so (my advice is to buy the best bike you can afford--don't go into debt buying a bike, but don't be cheap).

    First upgrade you will want to make is the brakes. The Tektro brakes are really not a step up from a nice set of V brakes. Sell em' off new, or better yet, see if the shop will do a swap for a set of Avid BB5's or Hayes -- you might be able to get them for only a few bucks more.

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    I have built a few of the 08 Rincons already and yes while the color is sweet... the paint is very disappointing. You can actually feel where the green stops and the black starts. I would get something like a Yukon at least. I just got an 08 XTC ant the paint quality is awesome. Also those Tektro brakes are the ones found on cheap three wheeled bikes. Def would need to be upgraded and im 100% sure any shop would give you a great deal on upgrading them.

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