• 02-19-2012
    xpost: Downtube frame protector for Trance X???
    I know theres the 3M Helicopter tape (which seems like its going to be my only option), but is there something a little better? more protective? like something made of nylon/plastic that can deter larger dents and dings than just a protective tape...

    Thanks in advance.

    PS, if anyone has some nice homemade frame guards, lets see them.

    edit: its a 2011
  • 02-20-2012
    Its not going to deter large rocks, but there's a lot of gravel where I ride, and I use a product called "Bikeshield" - Bike shield, Phone shield, Protection foil Its a transparrent film like many others, but seems thicker than the average, and doesn't yellow under UV. Also flexible enough to go around the bends of that 'S' shaped downtube on the Trance.