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    XC frame Beone Raw carbon

    Hello, I'm just about to buy a XC bike with limited budjet, I would have quiet a good deal on a 26'' BeOne carbon Raw frame, I do not found much info about it, anyone has an opinion about it ? that would really help !

    here a picture of 1

    21" ST:530mm TT:605.3 HT:150 STA:73 HTA:70 WB:1095.6

    XC frame Beone Raw carbon-beone11.jpg

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    The only thing that I would say is that unless you have a very good reason for going with a 26" frame (like if you're so short that you won't fit on a 29" frame), I'd advise you to get a 29" frame instead. Because of the mass adoption of 29ers for XC, it's becoming harder and harder to find quality XC-oriented components for 26ers -- frame/fork, wheels, tires.
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    I think you don't have to worry about 26" components disappearing off the face
    of the earth, get what you want as far as wheel size, but don't worry about
    26er parts going bye bye.As far as frame goes, don't know anything about the one
    you are looking at? Have to wait for someone else to chime in.
    Good Luck
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    Hey thanks for the advice, actually I've nothing against 29er and I'm tall, 6'4'', but I don't have any good deals (400$ for a carbon near a 1kg frame) for 29er. but for the parts I've already looked and I will find everything I need, actually I think there is still some very good options for 26 wheels, it's definetly dying in XC but there still a lot of 26er.

    for example for the fork I'm looking for a magura durin SL which is not bad at all I think

    If anyone has tried the frame or any bad feedback on BeOne, tell me

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