Hey guys, I would like to do a little senses about an idea I had a while ago. Iíve been toying with this idea for a little while. There seems to be no relevant EPIRB or PLB specifically dedicated to bicycle or motorbike riders, furthermore no such device for people debilitated due to an accident is available either. All of the EPIRB
or PLB (Personal Locator Beacons) devices currently out there are quite large and are not really designed with riders in mind.

So to the solo bicycle & motorbike riders out there; would you be interested in a device that can be attached to an existing helmet and would send out a distress signal if you were to become unconscious or debilitated?

I have had a discussion with a couple of product designers and a Telecomm Engineer mates; it is quite possible and as a product and would not cost a great deal in its design or manufacture, as we can utilise existing technology.
I wonít go into much design detail. But the device would have a gyroscopic sensor mounted to the helmet and would sense when the helmet is in a fixed Ďextremeí position for an extended period of time, (i.e. fallen off the bike, lying down) Consequently activating an EPIRB/PLB (this has already been worked out as a plausible design, and Iím not going to go into much detail here). This would only be activated if the helmet is clipped up, which will prevent the accidental activation of the device.
I am not going provide the full finer design details, but if you have any design questions or ideas or would like to mention something we havenít considered, you are welcome to do so.

If such an item was available to purchase, would you buy it?

There is a similar device called the ice-dot, but it is flawed in soo many ways. The Ice-dot will only work if:
- You have reception.
- You have a smartphone.
- Your phone is turned on.
- You have an un-interruped Bluetooth connection.
- Have the app open and running.
- Can be accidentally activated.

It also could be possible to implement the strava app into the device with a removable micro SD card.