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    Winter Wear

    So I'll be moving back to New York in a week and havent experienced the winter weather in quite some some. Since I'll be making adjustments from my Vegas life, I was wondering what are some winter wear you guys rock out in the Fall/Winter?

    Any jackets, fleeces, pants preferably under $300

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    While cycling-specifc gear is nicest, you can often make reasonable substitutes for much less money.

    Layers are key. You need to wear much more in the first mile than you do in the 10th mile.

    I love arm warmers. Extra insulation on your arms can help keep your hands warmer.

    Good winter shoes are key...Lake and Shimano both make great ones. Chemical foot warmers really help when the temps get low.

    Avoid cotton. Everything touching your skin should be wicking and outer layers breathable.

    For pants, I wear running tights over my regular bike shorts. Not the best fit in a cycling position, but sufficient and cheap compared to cycling tights.

    An insulated headband fits easily under a helmet, as does a balaclava for colder temps.

    Studded tires are a must for icy conditions.

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    I run Under Armor Cold Weather base layers...
    Long sleve shirt & pants

    I'll throw my jersey and shorts over top of those... And an Under Armor lightweight jacket.

    I also run long wool socks and Fox Polar Paw gloves...

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    A good wicking base layer is paramount. Layers to suit on top of that. Finish it off with a wind proof jacket and balaclava. Wool or Smart Wool is a good choice. But shoes large enough so that you can use thick wool socks. Barr mitts or Pogies with thin gloves usually are enough to keep the hands warm.

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    I live in New Mexico, so my winter riding has to accommodate big temperature swings. Its not uncommon to head out in 25 degree (F) weather and return at 60. I donít have a lot of special equipment, so I do a lot of layering with the gear I have. Typically, up top I wear a thin wicking synthetic (I have some Nike product I picked up at a thirft store I really like), a cycling shirt over that and then a fleece vest. I can take the vest off and stow when I get hot, or just unzip to vent. I also wear a camelback which I think helps keep me cozy as well.

    For the legs, I either tough it out and just wear my cycling knickers with shorts over (which can be pretty cold until I warm up since my calves are exposed) or I wear a pair of Gramici climbing pants over that (another thrift store find) or with cycling shorts if the knickers will be too hot. They have a gusseted crotch and taper at the ankle, so they work well for riding. I can stash these also if needed, but I usually donít. I wear synthetic hiking socks with a polypro thin sock liner and that seems to be fine. When I road bike in the winter, my feet get freezing, but I guess I use my feet more mtbing and Iíve never had big problems with chilly toes. I do have a pair of shoe covers someone gave me, but I have never used them.

    For my head I wear a thin winter cap from REI. Its tight fitting all around so sits nicely under my helmet and covers my ears. I gotta say, most of the time if I am overheating, if I just take off my winter cap, I am fine without removing any other clothing other than unzipping the vest and switching from fingered to fingerless riding gloves (I carry the fingerless and switch out at some point usually). Sometimes I carry a cheap set of earmuffs to cover the ears when I remove the hat (I run the connector behind my head and under my helmet and they never fall off). Also, the fleece vest has a high collar that, when zipped, covers a good deal of my face when I am starting out.

    Hope that is helpful

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    Thanks guys these are helpful responses

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    Nordic ski wear and winter running wear does great double duty as cold weather biking gear. It's also a lot cheaper (usually). I have a great pair of Craft nordic tights that I wear all the time riding. If it gets much below 30 degrees, I start layering on my alpine skiing attire. Winter riding can get pretty brutal. My long haired friend just goes au naturale!
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    Endura Stealth is the best $250 I've ever spent on a jacket. It's waterproof, and I can wear just a thin wool base layer with a jersey to help insulate my core down to 10 degrees. Add another layer of wool if going any colder. The pit zips and side zips are so money on this jacket, it looks like they made it even better for this year. Pearl Amphibs have been my go-to tights for a decade for sub-25 temps with thick pearl booties and wool hiking socks. You don't have to spend a ton of money on winter riding shoes, etc. (unless it motivates you to ride when it is cold of course!!!) as my summer shoes with thick booties have been fine down to zero F. Any colder and it hurts to breathe for me, which is no fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutthroat View Post
    Nordic ski wear
    My thoughts as well.
    Knickers w/ spandex "pants" underneath. You can even put a breathable layer under that. I use this set up for winter night riding.
    Wool socks.
    Down is also nice to have for standing around drinking beers... at night... in the snow... w/ your bike.
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