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    suspension air pump recs?

    I'm probably going to buy a ShockWiz to help me analyze and tweak my mtb suspension:

    So I'll need to buy a suspension air pump in order to adjust my suspension accordingly. I currently have a RockShox Pike on the front and a Fox Float on the back. Do all makes/models of forks and shocks generally use the same type of air valve? Are there any suspension air pump favorites among forum members here? For example, when I was looking for an air pump for my tires, the Joe Blow Sport seemed to be a forum favorite and I've been happily using that for 2 years now

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    Same question from last week -these answers should get you started.

    And yes, any suspension pump will do the trick. As long as the pressure ranges meets your requirements.

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    Yeah. Suspension air pumps are designed so that no air is lost from the suspension when you disconnect the pump as the air chuck on the pump ensures the shock or fork valve closes before air escapes. The air you hear escaping is coming from the pump and hose, not the shock/fork. Of course you'll see this with the ShockWiz as it will read the same pressure after you disconnect the pump.

    You need a shock pump irrespective of using a ShockWiz. The SWiz is OK, but you need to understand and experiment with shock and fork settings either way. A bunch of us here (all experienced riders) tried the SW and thought meh. It didn't change anything in the way we set up and used our suspensions.
    Do the math.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Rager View Post
    ...A bunch of us here (all experienced riders) tried the SW and thought meh. It didn't change anything in the way we set up and used our suspensions.
    For my bikes, it was a bad rabbit hole. The suggestions were way too soft and marshmallowy. For my daughter’s bike, using the SW was great to at least get her in the ball park, when she wasn’t able to give me accurate feedback to set it up manually.

    OP - there are countless threads on here related to your questions. I think the consensus, for digital pumps at least, is to buy the cheapest one you can find that looks like the Fox or RockShox one (which are the same except for decals), since all these pumps are manufactured by the same company.

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    I'm curious about the folks who didn't like the Shockwiz. How did its recommendations differ from what you eventually preferred - too little LSC, too little damping, etc?

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    Shockwiz is probably best for folks who are new to suspension adjustments, tbh, or have several bikes with different settings and want to keep it all straight.

    For someone with a single bike, it's probably best used as a rental tool.

    I've never cared much about the shock pump I'm using.

    I think this is the one I'm using now.

    I had one of these for awhile. It came with a fork that I bought aftermarket, but it rusted in my pack pretty quickly.

    There are now 4 bikes with 4 different forks, and 3 different rear shocks in my garage, though. One of those forks doesn't play nice with the shockwiz (MRP Ribbon, in particular the ramp cartridge), and one of them has a PITA fork setup (Wren). I need to keep better records of the suspension settings on all of the bikes. I've thought about a digital shock pump for shop use, and just save the hand pump for emergency trailside/trailhead adjustments. I worked at a shop that had a Lezyne digital shock floor pump and it was great to use.

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    I've been using a specialized brand pump, it works great, doubles as a portable tire pump. The only thing is it max's at 220psi but my rock shox rear shock calls for something like 250/275 psi. Not much of a big deal though, since I've just been running my rear shock at 180psi.

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