just a note to support your LBS if and when you can. mine has been great to me over the past few months. It's about the little things that all add up. Being on a first name basis every time i walk through the door, being allowed in the shop/work area to learn maintenance tasks or shoot the breeze, being invited to group rides with the people from the shop, and the latest...

went in today to return some bad rim strips for my tubeless setup that they sold me (wrong ones). they ordered new ones without question or charge. On top of that i needed some new tire levers and a presta/shrader adapter for my air compressor. I walk over to the cash register and he said, don't worry about it, it's on the house. Sorry we sold you the wrong part.

good stuff. this type of service is whats missing nowadays in a lot of retail stores.

+1 to cyclists choice in Gulfport, MS.