stupid stupid stupid question, but i still need help-
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    stupid stupid stupid question, but i still need help

    i just got my new bike on saturday and it came with goofy reflectors on the spokes of the wheels. i thought to myself these words "what the hell". i tried to remove them in a civil way, yet despite my prying at them with a screwdriver (a small circular part is inserted to the main body of the reflector over the spoke), i could not get them to yield. any suggestions as to how i can get these suckers offa my bike without breaking them off?

    HERE'S A PIC OF THE BIKE (i'm proud of it, even though it's no titus or santa cruz)

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    Congrats on the new ride,

    now get them suckas off! They used to use a nearly useless plastic screw but the last one I attacked sounds more like what you've got, where there was no reasonable way I took a pair of large pliers and crushed 'em off (I see no reason to save 'em). I'd be glad to do it for ya...ask any of my friends who show up for a ride with 'em...
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    stupid reflectors

    Those things are a pain. I first tried a screwdriver, that did not work. mine were attached with a sort of screw, but it was "pre-stripped" so i could not loosten it. I just got some side cutters and dug into the the plastic "screw" and twisted. The little "screw" came out, and nothing was damaged.

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    I use channellock plyers to crush them into 100 pieces

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    looks like the crushing method is what's going to be the ticket here.

    thanks for the advice guys

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    Dremel cutting wheels are fun to use. I always look for excuses to bust out the dremel set :- )
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    Nice and easy now...

    I removed them from my wife's bike and mine (new bike year!!! woohoo!). Anyway, on my wife's VT I needed to carefully unscrew the white cap that went over the spoke with a flat head screwdriver (a little hard to do since made to only screw in not out). On my Liquid the white cap was the type pushed into place over the spoke then clipped on the other side. A pair of long nosed pliers squeezed the two clips together and a little pressure pushed out the cap. Tada!

    Maybe your bike has yet another type?

    Good luck.

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