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    SRAM Eagle 12 cassette/DT350 freehub falls off wheel easily?

    I have a DT350 hub with a SRAM Eagle 12 cassette. I had the wheel off the bike to change the tire. While sealing the TR tire by bouncing the wheel/tire on the ground, my cassette and freehub popped off, spilling the ratchet rings on the floor. Is this expected? I did just have the freehub off to service with fresh grease. I realize the DT freehubs come apart easily, but I didnít expect them to fall off the wheel like that. Just want to make sure I didnít screw something up when I reassemble the freehub and cassette.
    I pushed everything back together and mounted the wheel back on the bike and it appears to be functioning correctly.

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    I have a Shimano freehub on my 350. But one thing I notice is you really need to make sure you get that snap from the end cap. Sometimes it seems solid and is spinning fine but for me if I donít get the pronounced snap of the end cap I know itís not seated. Xd could be totally different but if itís ratchet I donít see how.

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    Yup, it can happen, those DT freehubs come off super easy, not much force required, just make sure you didn't loose either of the springs and out them back in the right way. Also check the end caps pop back on fully - should happen once you install the wheel and torque properly.First time this happened to me on a friends wheel I was helping him, really freaked me out, wondered WTF just happened, but have since learned
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    The freehub pops off due to the weight off the cassette on my 350, but not 240s (Shimano, not XD, version).

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    Okay, thanks for the replies. Really surprised me when it happened. Iíll be more careful when changing tires in the future!

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