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    Specialized Adjustable Stem Prob. (Pro set II)

    Hi there, I just purchased a new Specialized Pro Set II MTB stem, and am having some complication putting it on my 2011 Trek Marlin.

    So I looked up the instructions Specialized has online for installing these:

    Here's the problems i've ran in to (I've attached pictures so you can see):
    1. Can't put spacer above stem as IT SAYS TO DO on star cap instructions, because my spacerSpecialized Adjustable Stem Prob. (Pro set II)-10379223_10203989558961565_1577573419_n.jpgs are thinner in diameter than stem top. Plus(see #2)
    2. if I find a larger spacer, the star cap won't fit it as it is the same size as the spacers I have now.

    3. If I leave the top without spacers (As it looks like people in other forums say you have to do) I have 2 problems:
    a. the top screw that tightens the stem to the steerer tube is above the steerer tube itself.Specialized Adjustable Stem Prob. (Pro set II)-10425728_10203989559161570_1182580472_n.jpg
    b. the star cap/compression cap is inside the stem, resting on the shim, meaning the only thing holding the stem on the steerer are the screwsSpecialized Adjustable Stem Prob. (Pro set II)-10419729_10203989559081568_682643453_n.jpg
    So it appears my only options are getting a larger compression/star cap that fits the diameter of the actual stem, OR getting a wide spacer to put on top that fits the stem's diameter, and extends to where the compression cap would rest on it also.

    Opinions? Would a cap or spacer like this be available at my small LBS?

    Specialized Adjustable Stem Prob. (Pro set II)-10409981_10203989559001566_939876146_n.jpg
    (Also can't remove a spacer, as seen above)


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    You're going to have to buy some wider spacers. Cheap and easy.

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    A carbon spacer has an OD of 35mm.

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