So called drive train trickle down effect???-
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    So called drive train trickle down effect???

    The XT drive train on my Trance after 2+ years has been showing signs of wear, although on my 3rd chain. I started comparing all of my bike's drive trains for answers and just plain curiosity. 2010 XT 9 speed, 2011 LX 10 speed on my newest Anthem, and a frankenmatch with 2002 XTR rear derailleur on my old rigid. Guess who the winner is in crisp, clean, best performance, the old thousands upon thousands of miles XTR. I bought it used a few years ago on a bike that was not well cared for, put it on my favorite 140mm trail bike and rode the shit out of it without a hick-up. Then it migrated to the old b-stone rigid when I bought a new trail bike. If drive train quality and technology trickles down each year, shouldn't my 2011 LX 10 speed stuff be better then the 2002 XTR?

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    This is purely my guess and opinion but I would think that while technology trickles down quality doesn't necessarily. For example the clutch's start out on the xtr and xt and have worked their way down to deores. Or something that originally starts out more expensive because its new (which is really helping to pay off the R&D) is going to be cheaper in a few years and becomes standard.

    But the quality of material in an xtr component compared to a deore is always going to be different.

    So yes.....and no

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    The forging techniques that Shimano uses for XTR and Dura Ace are only used for XTR and Dura Ace. Tolerances are tighter on the high end pieces as well.

    Technology does trickle down, but not necessarily manufacturing techniques and their resultant superior products.
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    As others have said, the technology trickles down, but the lower end stuff still uses cheaper materials. Shadow, Shadow plus, dyna sys, push pull shifting, i spec, direct mount are all examples of trickle down technology. But high end shifters like Dura Ace or XTR use bearings, whereas 105 and SLX use bushings. XTR and Dura Ace use metal parts where lower end stuff uses plastic. So in a lot of ways 8 speed XTR has less technology but better materials than newer XT 10 speed stuff.
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    Thanks for the replies, makes sense. I wish I could afford the new XTR system for my next ugrade, the old one is my first of that quality and I am very pleased. It does have the little sealed bearings on the pulleys, pretty slick.

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