I'm really interested in taking a mountain bike skills course to take my riding up a notch (or many notches). I've been riding for about 7 years, and have far more focused on technique in the past year and a half, but would like some professional guidance to progress at this point. I don't ride bike parks (yet), and am living out of the US until next March, at which point I'll be back in the Washington DC area until June - so that's my window to get some training in - March to June in the Mid-Atlantic Area.

The one course I'm eyeballing right now is betterride.net - they run a 3 day course, and have one in that window in Richmond VA (where I used to live - BONUS). The course looks pretty spot on to me as far as what I want, but if there are additional courses available I would be open to doing more than one.

The other option I'm considering is going to bryce ski resort, who recently opened up a mountain bike park, and seeing if I can sign up for a few hours of private lessons.

Appreciate anybody's experience with these coaching courses. Thank in advance!!