Sidi Dominator 4-mesh or lorica?-
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    Sidi Dominator 4-mesh or lorica?

    Is the mesh really that much cooler than the lorica? Is the waterresistantness (word?) of the lorica decent? The Sidi website doesnt metion if the mesh is available in wider shoes. Also, how mega is the mega width? Like 4EE or like D or E? Thanks for all your help.

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    Actually the biggest reason I stick with Sidi shoes is that they make the lorica version. Maybe it's just me but I never sense my feet getting hot even in the dog days of summer. On the other hand (or is that foot?) my feet always get cold in the winter so I appreciate not having airy mesh shoes. And yes, they do add a level of water resistance over mesh shoes. I'm not saying you can stick you foot underwater and expect it to come out dry. But they are a bit better then mesh when splashing through puddles on a wet ride. i'd also venture to guess that the lorica might hold up a little longer. My first pair of Dominators lasted over 4 seasons. My current pair are on season two and not showing any signs of major wear.


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    all-lorica version is hot if your feets ain't used to 'em, but I'm not sure mesh would be that much cooler. I would suspect that mesh might be colder in the winter though. As far as waterproofness, the lorica is perforated with all that stitching, so don't expect much. Really, there isn't much difference... except for small pieces on top of the toes and on the sides near the heel, the mesh is covered with lorica.

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