• 07-05-2014
    Stretch, exercise lower back, ride more, stay hydrated....
  • 07-05-2014
    Shoulder pain turned into lower back pain after I shortened my handlebars by 2".
    Hi friends
    I bought a used Santa Cruz Superlight (2nd gen) fairly recently. I love the bike but for some reason I'm also getting some body aches from it. I was never fitted or anything for the setup I ride. Its just what the previous owner used.

    First I had a sharp ache/pain between my shoulder blades (center/left side. I'm lefthanded). After advice on this forum I sawed 1" of each side of my handle bars (risers). That actually cured the shoulder pain. Great.

    Now I get a ache/pain in my lower back after a semi long ride on technical single track. Its the same with camelbak and without. I tried putting my seat a bit forward (had it all the way back before) and it helped a bit but not that much.
    Could it be that my stem is too long? It's 110mm and feels good to me. I know that I fit my frame. I'm 6'1" and I ride a large.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how I can eliminate this shitty back pain?