• 05-17-2012
    Selling a Bike on Craigslist vs. Parting Out on Ebay?
    Hi, I just got a new bike (Hardtail 29er) and looking to get rid of my 2008 Giant Trance (Excellent Condition, with no problems and hardly any scratches)

    Debating whether I should sell it complete on Craigslist or tear the whole thing down and part it out on eBay.

    Which option would bring in the best return in the end?
  • 05-17-2012
    Depends. If it has XT/XO and up components on it, parting it out would get you more cash, albeit also more headache. Below that, you're best off selling it complete. That's my experience anyway.
  • 05-17-2012
    To keep it simple, sell them complete. If you wanna get them out of your life, sell them cheap.

    If you've got the time and patience and revenue is your priority, part them out. You'll probably get more that way once you've sold EVERYTHING. But that takes time and alot of effort in communication,transactions, packing, and shipping.

    Why not part the stuff out and sell it here? You can put multiple items on one ad. It's dirt cheap. You can get paid via Paypal and save yourself from eBay fees.

    Stuff sells well here and it's only getting better as a place to find good bike stuff.
  • 05-17-2012
    Let me know if you are selling complete. I'm in L.A. may be interested.
    Size? Specs? Price?
  • 05-17-2012
    RING the bell. School is in. Ambassadorhowg is the teacher with the lesson! Joking aside I think his advice is great. Have fun w/ the new bike.
  • 05-17-2012
    Probably parting it.

    If you have room, though, it's nice to have a 'B' bike.