• 07-06-2010
    Recommended Saddle Bags/Pouches??
    I'm looking to add a saddle bag/pouch to my Giant Trance 1. Ideally i'd like something that can hold my multitool, extra tube, etc - if a small pump would fit that would be a bonus but I dont know if thats possible. Anyone have any recommendations as to what models are best? Thanks.
  • 07-06-2010
    I've been keeping an eye out for some nice ones for a while, and haven't seen that many good ones...and if they look good, they're too small.

    I can tell you what i'm looking for.

    -something that has a velcro strap for the seat rails with loops on the bottom and the top of the bag. If the loop is only on the bottom, the bag tends to flip over if it's not super tight (the Fox bag I looked at only has the bottom loop)

    -Something that does not have the plastic clamp to the seat rail...those things just break if they take a hit...and be careful of your tire clearance if your seat is dropped.

    -I hate carrying a backpack when i ride...I need something that will fit everything I need... large enough to carry some food, tubes, patch kit, and tools.

    -Buy a pump with a bracket for the water bottle mounts...not gonna fit a pump in a seat bag.

    I'm liking the specialized bags after seeing them in person, and think I'll be giving the dirt bag a shot.

  • 07-06-2010
    I have tried several different brands of seat bags, sad thing is that the cheapest one has been the best so far, Sette Slik Pak. I also have a Lezyne L-Caddy, good quality, but I don't like all of the compartments, I prefer one open space. The Pedros bags tore apart pretty quick, I guess recycled inner-tubes just weren't meant to be sewn. I don't like the bags with the plastic clips, they have a tendency to get brittle in colder weather. I haven't yet tried the Specialized bags, I'll have to take a look at them next time I visit one of the "local" Specialized shops.

    You would probably be better off mounting your pump on your frame because any pump that is small enough to fit in your average seat bag will take a day or three to pump up a tire enough to ride. You can usually fit one of those co2 inflators in a seat bag, but I don't like depending on the availability of cartridges, once you run out you are dependent on somebody else coming along that has something that you can use, or walking.

    The medium Slik Pak is enough room for me to comfortably fit a tube, pair of Pedros tire levers, Park patch kit, Crank Bros. m17(?) multi-tool, spare SRAM Powerlink, and a few zip ties. I can also cram my Gerber multi-tool in there as long as I put something in between it and the tube to keep from puncturing it.

    Edit: Actually, I think that might be a large Slik Pak, not medium.
  • 07-06-2010
    I've been using a Jannd Mini Mountain Wedge pack for about 6 years now...its pretty stout and is holding up well.Their panniers and packs are constructed very well. It has 1 big compartment,plus a smaller zippered stash pocket underneath, which holds my patches. No plastic mounts and there are 2 loops for the strap..top and bottom.
  • 07-18-2010
    +1 on the Jandd. I carry a CB-17 multi-tool in the smaller stash pocket. Tube, levers and patches/small parts take up only about half of the larger compartment, but yet they don't flop around. Attachment is sturdy. Top loop has 3 options so the bag tucks under the seat well (I can drop off the back of the seat without touching the bag). Also have a cage mounted pump and H2O bottle.

    ON my karate monkey I have a Jandd Frame Bag instead. It's large enough to fit a Road Morph pump inside, plus tools, multiple tubes, first aid kit, rain gear and arm warmers. Downsides to this are stuff rattles around a little and sometime I brush the bag with my leg (both pretty minor).
  • 07-18-2010
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    Banjo Brothers, one of several sizes......

  • 07-18-2010
    Don't get one from Fox. It sucked.....Ripped to **** in like 10 rides. Holes all over. Whatever material they used was not quality.