PEDALS ?? What's the diffrence ?? wide platform with steel pins / cleat pedals-
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    New question here. PEDALS ?? What's the diffrence ?? wide platform with steel pins / cleat pedals

    I see allot of the same bike with two types of pedals; some that are a wide platform with replaceable steel pins and others that are cleat compatible. I would assume with a downhill bike for example, you would stick to a certain kind of pedals for whatever reason.

    I know I choose the wide platform since it's so damn hard to find shoes at a local shop with a size 15 for me to even try cleats to seperate the diffrence or preference.

    I do some downhill/freeride/X Country but is it worth my time to get cleats? If so what's your is it simply a preference or advantage of either pedals.

    Would love to hear what Ya'll got to say about it and appreciate any input.

    If this is a repeat thread, appologies for the repeat. I couldn't find one either I am not navigating the site properly or using wrong search keywords.

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    Cleats as in clipless I assume?
    I run clipless pedals on all my bikes, I love being clipped in to the pedal, gives me that much more control over the bike when I want it.

    Platforms are a matter of preference, I used to run platforms on my BMX and can remember many times it hurt.

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    Basically with cleats you get much more power out of your stroke, because it's not dependent upon your weight. Instead of just pushiing down with your front, you can stay seated and push down and pull up at the same time, so in essence you churn out all the power possible with your muscles and weight won't make you pedal any harder. Some negatives are it's a litttle harder to bail, but once you start using them for a while, its not hard at all.

    Anytime when power is more important most peoplel op for cleats instead, when safety is key the flats would be better.

    You have big feet, lol. You should definitly try otu some cleats though, my shoes cost very little, the were the cheapest ones you can get basically.

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    it all depends on the type of riding u do, if you do more downhill than xc then go with the cleats, if u do alot of xc riding go with the clipless or if u want the best of both worlds a couple companies make toe straps that still allow u to push down on the pedal and pull up but if u dont want to use them u can just use the opposite side of the pedal and as for the steel pins in the platform pedals, just get some ankle gaurds.

    (i prefer running strait platform pedals with no toe straps on my fs bike but regular pedals and toestraps on my hard tail)

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    You've got some other choices.

    If you aren't in to sadomasochism, the spikey platforms aren't your only non-clipless choice. You can get some less destructive rubber topped or metal cage platforms that won't tattoo bite marks into your achilles tendon and shins.

    There are also combo clipless/platform pedals that are either a flip-flop design (clipless one side, platform the other, ala the Shimano 324) or clipless surrounded by something of a platform (Shimano 545, Crank Bros. Candy).

    I prefer the security and control of clipless. My wife somehow tolerates spiked platforms but often finishes with fresh scratches and sometimes dried blood on her calves (kind of a turn-on).

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