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    New question here. Need help: Fuel 95 or Fuel 98

    I will be buying either a Trek Fuel 95 or a Fuel 98 within the next week or so. My problem is I can't pick between the two. Does anyone have any advice on which they'd buy? Money isn't really an issue here. I'm particularly worried about the longevity of the all carbon frame on the 98. I'm worried about bashing it on rocks and the like, but I like the weight advantage the 98 has over the 95. Does anyone have any experience regarding how carbon mtn frames hold up over time? I've only ridden Aluminum or steel. Thanks

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    If your buying new and the bike is under warranty it shouldn't matter. Trek is usually good about fixing broken frames. A friend of mine had the trek carbon hardtail (9500?). He never had any problems. Then again, I have only ridden steel bicycles, and I'm never worried about my frame breaking

    If you want verification that the carbon is okay, and money isn't an option, I don't think trek would be selling the bike if it had significant problems, and returns.
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    Carbon triangle

    I broke the rear triangle on my Fuel 98 in less than two years riding. Trek's warranty will cover it, but now the bike sits around until i get the replacement part. I weigh 160, don't do jumps, and only ride in the dirt. Over the life of the bike, i've also managed to break the stock front shock and rear hub. The stock crank/bb were pretty weak too.

    I've ordered a beefier ride for my normal riding, and will probably adjust the Fuel 98 for racing only.

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    9.8 to Fuel 100

    I had a 9.8 hardtail that lasted me 3 years. It developed a crack around the frame and the shell that holds the bottom bracket. I weigh 195 lbs now but I was at a scary 235 lbs when I started to ride this bike. Although I do not huck myself off of huge drops or go balls to the wall downhill. I did not avoid rock, ruts, roots or any minor obstacle. I thought that I rode that bike pretty hard. I had zero problems with the 9.8 frame other that mentioned above. My bro-in-law has a 9.8 and has had no problems with his and he is a lot more aggresive than I am. He has weighed between 195-215 since he has had his bike. My LBS sent the rig back to Trek and for $200 I received a '04 Fuel 100. Sweet deal. They would have given me a '04 9.8 for nothing but I decided to take the plunge and go with the FS. I the back of my mind I considered going with the Liquid, but the Fuel carbon cloth was way to tempting. So if I break the Fuel frame then I may consider the Liquid. Well, I am not sure if I helped you out at all, but if I had to choose between the two I would go full carbon without any question. But that is just me. Good luck you will not be disappointed either way.

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