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    My new horn...

    As I commute to work regularly as a nurse at a State mental hospital, my fellow coworkers felt it neccessary to be concerned with safety as I work evening shift and ride in any weather. A patient came to me and asked why I would put a pink horn on such an expensive bike. I assurred the pt that they must be mistaken as I had only a bell and did not have any horns....I was so convincing that she brought a fellow patient to make sure she wasnt seeing things (Like she doesnt have enough stuff to deal with). Well it turns out she was right....and a fellow LPN had thought of me and put the horn on while I was at work as a joke figuring I could always put it on my daughters bike. Just a funny story that I thought I share.
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    You commute to work on an expensive FS bike? Don' t you have an another beater bike?
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    I had a Snoopy horn on my first really chi-chi bike. I think my aunt gave it to me as a joke after she had heard how much I had spent on it. But I did stick it on and use it for a while.

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    I do have a commute for rainy but...

    At 41y old and 14 years in the army jumping out of airplanes and 50 mile road marches, a purple heart, and a combat jump star. my body has been thru much and I aml ooking for excercise for smooth ride.Suspensions are the ticket. I dont mind being a litttle slower if I am not feeling the road. I also carry a 40 lb back pack will riding. I dont get out of town to ride much track latley, I would rather ride my ventana then not ride at all or settle for a beater. I am surprised at the lack of people not riding fulls suspension for road. That is for the over 40 crowd....

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    throw some semi slick tires on there and it'll make you life easier. Just switch them out when you want to hit the trails.

    Cute horn...
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    go for brass

    It's a nice horn, but a high-class bike like that needs one of those big brass horns with a curve in it.
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