Mud crutch or a fender-
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    Mud crutch or a fender

    Folks, it's wet! Has not stopped raining for ever.
    I'm done with the wet, muddy face.
    What should I use? The RF mud crutch fabric thing or something like a mucky nuts fender?
    The locals say the crutch is the way to go.

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    I have a Mudhugger front for winter and still get a bit of mud on the face, but it really helps keep the fork stanchions clean.
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    i use a crud catcher on a couple frames (skinny tubed steel frames) for every day riding. keeps the mud out of my mouth. I also have a SKS Shockboard front fender which blocks everything! quickly and easily removable. really great system, it's much more like a full fender if you need one.

    of the two you listed i would favor the mucky nuts, but have no experience with either. the crutch looks like an odd system, not sure of it's effectiveness or what the drawbacks might be?
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    Mucky Nuts keeps the mud out of your face. Highly recommend.
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    Another vote for the Mucky Nutz.

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