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    Most Comfortable Saddle?


    Looking for a new saddle. Currently using an old and somewhat heavy GT saddle which is also not that comfortable. I know that saddle comfort varies a great deal between people, but I'm looking for input based on your personal experience. Lightweight is a definite plus, but comfort is the most important. Also, I do not like the feel of those overly padded seats either. Many people seem to like Selle, San Marco, and WTB...This is such a hard thing to figure out without trying it first, but I figure if enough people recommend a particular saddle, it's probably a good bet. The last thing I want to do is spend $100 on a saddle that ends up being terribly uncomfortable. BTW this is for a hardtail doing XC and general mountain riding, not downhill or freeride, and I weigh 175lbs. Thanks so much, my but thanks you too!

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    There's no such thing.

    People have different shapes to them, different amounts of muscle mass and fat deposited in different places.

    One person may find a 140 gram Selle SLR saddle to be "very comfortable", and another may find a big cushy-gel saddle that is 10" wide to be "uncomfortable".

    There's just no rule and no guarentees when it comes to saddles, you simply have to try them out.

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    Agree with Jm. You'll need to find one that suits you, since everyone's ass is different.

    I love my Serfas saddle, but that's just me.

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    Yup we're all built differently.

    My saddle journey started with a Terry Fly, then WTB Rocket LaserV, & now a San Marco Aspide Gel. I found the Terry to be pretty good overall, but a bit over padded and wide which becomes noticable after long rides/climbs. The WTB Rocket is a very square edge seat, but slightly narrower which is good. The edges, however, irratate the bum after long rides. My current saddle the San Marco is perfect (the best so far at least). It's the most minimal of them all, but deceivingly comfortable. It has padding just where your sit bones meet the seat,and plenty along the nose for steep climbs. The best thing about it is that it does not put material where you don't need it. I'm finding these qualities to be desirable.
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    I agree with the above comments but really think my Terry Men's liberator is very comfortable.

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    Personally I am down with Selle Italia. I have Trans Ams on all my bikes. On the MTB bikes I have Flite TransAms, and on my fixie, I have a Prolink TransAm. On the hard tails MTB is have the Max version, which has a little bit extra nice firm padding. Like you are looking to do, I switched after I'd had it with another saddle battering my taint. Glad I did. No pain, no numbness.
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    Aside from saddles being a very personal choice,

    I've been impressed with the Titec Berserkr kcx saddles for my mountain bikes, comfortable durable and fairly cheap (I had an expensive WTB 98SST or whatever they called it that broke in a crash but didn't like it anyways). I've also had good luck with the TurboMatic II and III from Selle Italia for both road and mountain bikes. Loved my original Flite saddle but hated the Flite Max. A long time ago I loved my Brooks B17 until it was stolen (thinking about trying one again for a road bike). I've just started to use a San Marco Rolls on a road bike and might try that on a mountain bike too. I've tried many others but those are the ones that stand out.

    There's a bunch more I'd like to try; I'm still searching for that perfect saddle...
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