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    My friend has a mongoose bike and keeps bragging about how much better of a bike it is compared to my trek.

    I would never trust one of those on a trail. Maybe i am biased to them, but i say they are "toys r us" bikes.

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    Mongeese suck. I know from owning one. When I started biking I was on a huffy. I upgraded to Pacific, then to mongoose. I couldnt take it. Mart bikes are made to look cool, not to perform. From there I got a Klein, which I sold a year later and now I'm riding an FSR and have a klein frame that I'm in the process of building. Mongoose does however make some better quality bikes that you cant get in We-Be-Toys or J-Mart, but even those are not that great. Tell your friend that you Trek kicks his bikes @$$. Not that a mongoose is a bad bike, theyre ok to ride around the neighborhood and stuff, but on the trails your bike will be better.
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    Works for me.

    I ride a Goose now. I like it. It's held up for 3 years now, made a couple trips through Appalachia, and been an all-around great bike. It's heavy, sure, and I'd like to upgrade, definitely, but all in all, I can't complain about this bike. It was a great bike to learn on, it handles 3-4' drops just fine, and I would recommend this bike to anyone on a budget.

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