For a couple of reasons.

1. My girlfriend is moving there in June, and I work at the only shop in New Orleans that has a clue. She needs a shop that is good with cruisers (an old schwinn) and a newer 3 speed (a nirve ). Anyway, being that I have no idea what the local bikeshop scene is like in Denver, I don't know where to send her.

2. I MIGHT be moving there with in the next year or so and will be seeking employment. I've been a bit spoiled working here in New Orleans. Our shop is the a bit of an anomoly here in NOLA. We routinely build Seven road bikes with all the bells and whistles, we're the Louisiana dealer for Ellsworth and Seven, and it isn't uncommon for me to work on an $8k road bike, only to take it out of my stand and replace it with a Huffy. We do it all. Custom fabrication, pro fitting, BMX, entry level MTB and Hybrid. I think we're the only shop that still hand builds wheels, and we actually care about our customers. We're a small shop with only 5 employees. So, hopefully that gives a rough outline for what I'm looking for as far as employment goes, if it even exists in Denver.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks