I'm just throwing this out there in case someone needs it down the road.
My Road Machine had been making terrible noises during my last few training sessions. I could occasionally stop, spin the wheel backward and get the noise (growling) to subside for a while. This trainer is several years old and I'm not the original owner or Kurt would have replaced it under warranty.
I had stopped @ my lbs to look for a new trainer, but they did not have the one in stock that I wanted. Before I dropped $$ on a new trainer I figured I should at least investigate it a bit to see if it was just a bad bearing.
Upon disassembly I found that one of the drive magnets had a small chunk missing. After removing the chunk, cleaning and degreasing everything the unit was re-assembled and works like new. Since Kurt uses a magnetic drive system there is no fluid loss when accessing the drive shaft side of the unit.
I had done a lot of searching to see if anyone had similar issues, but came up empty.

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