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    Just curious: Why the Session?

    Probably not a "starting a thread" worthy kind of question, but I've been reading this for a few years now in many places, and I always wonder why.

    Why is the Trek Session is considered the best bike in the WC Circuit?
    I also have read "most balanced" or "best designed" kind of DH bike. Is it just because of the brand's popularity or are there actual facts about this?

    Not trying to start a fight or discussion, just curious of why that has become a regular comment on DH WC racing when a rider either leaves the Trek team or enters it. To me, it just looks like a great bike as long as it has the good parts; just as many other bikes.

    I don't ride or race DH though...but yeah.

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    It's like a Porsche 911. It has a cult following. It has racing pedigree. This year's model is completely different, yet somehow still looks the same. The handling is well balanced and can be taken advantage of by newb and racer alike. It may not be flashy, or give you the fizz like other bikes, but it's well engineered and damn fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deartist7 View Post
    To me, it just looks like a great bike as long as it has the good parts; just as many other bikes.
    I think this gets at the nitty gritty of what's going on. This is absolutely not the case. A bike is a lot more than just its parts. Sure, the components matter, but the frame itself also makes a difference. Every frame is going to be different. By its nature, this HAS to be true because every brand wants to distinguish itself from all the others. Geometries differ a little bit, but that's less of the difference when we're talking about a full suspension bike. For a full suspension bike, the design of the rear suspension MATTERS. All rear suspension designs compromise on a number of factors. It gets tricky when you try to minimize the negatives and accentuate the positives of as many as possible, because many of those factors are competing. Different suspension designs focus a bit more on different ones.

    The differences are pretty fine grained, but they're there. A beginner rider isn't going to be able to grab half a dozen high end, good quality bikes and notice a difference. Say that beginner DH rider took the bikes ridden by the pros. Might be able to tell some differences, but most of them will be imperceptible. Many of those differences don't become apparent except when the bikes are pushed to their limits, as tends to occur under high level race scenarios. For most people, their own skills hold them back. For top pros, MUCH less so, and the finer differences between bikes become apparent, and more important.

    All the aspects of the bike come together to create a whole package. The geometry (the lengths and angles of each element of the frame). The rear suspension design (number and placement of pivots, placement of the shock). The rear shock itself and how it's valved to handle the motion rear suspension design. The materials chosen for the frame (with carbon fiber, the properties of the frame can be engineered to a high level based on the makeup and placement of EACH LAYER of carbon, as well as with the properties of the resin). Additionally, the components put on the frame matter, and how they work in conjunction with the frame and the rider matter a lot. In a major way, the ability of the suspension to be adjusted to suit each rider and the various conditions the bike might be ridden under makes a big difference, too, and it's part of that whole package.

    Then you have to factor a rider's riding style and preferences into the mix. Some bikes and their quirks won't suit all riders and their styles and preferences.

    But the thing is, those pro riders most likely aren't going to be able to talk to you about the physics behind why they like the bike. That is for the engineers. The discussion is going to always be about how the bike feels when they're riding it. And that description is always going to be limited by language/vocabulary in general, which always falls short.

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