JET light owners...question please-
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    JET light owners...question please

    From an Aussie who cant see the lights before making the plunge.

    We don't have a distributor here in Aussie (hint hint) so i cant actually look at the things to satisfay myself before purshase.

    If I buy one it will be the Starfire Dual Beam.

    Are the light heads on different mounts? - and if yes, can you mount one on each side of the stem (taking into account the connection cords, switches etc) Am i right in assuming that each light head can be aimed independantly of the other

    With the remote control switch - does it turn both head units on and off - or does it just control the 12 watt light head. If you have to flick through too many options it can get really annoying trying to find the one you want.

    Can either light head be turned off at the light head itself - ie not having to use the remote switch.

    I dont doubt the strength, brightness etc of JETS - they are legendary (hence the reason for going to all the troulble of importing) - just wanna know a few more details before plonking done the dough.

    Thanks Guys

    Cheers, Jawry

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    I use the JET phantom with smart switch, 20W. As you may know, I live in sydney and also chose to import mine.

    It was great, real bright, much brighter then my L&M Solo 13W.

    Sadly, it was plugged in during a lightning storm, and something happened. The battery just wouldn't charge.

    I sen it off to get repaired atleast 1month ago, probably much longer now. It has been at JET for a LONG time now... will check up on it tommorow.

    But just letting you know what you may be in for if you ever have a problem(not very likely).

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    I run 2 x 20W phantom floods, one off the bars and one helmet. That means 2 connectors, 2 batteries etc. I have a dual mount but it's 5 years old, it held two lights in 1 place - a shared mount for the helmet. It might be different now, I dunno. It's a 12W system and so I can't comment on the Starfire @ 6W, but would suggest you check out Jet's site as I think it's on sale now on Jet lights site @ $165 USD I think???. Also, check with Larry Mettler at Mtn. High Cyclery dot com, he understands some of us that don't happen to live in the US in terms of shipping; his prices are very reasonable. And he will get you parts fast.

    Good luck, Jim ( Canada)

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    JET is a company you can appreciate. Give them a call. It's worth it.

    I haven't bought the lights yet, but I plan too.

    But in the course of looking at buying the lights--while I was still living in Japan--I got to know the folks at JET.

    First of all, imagine any insane, fantasy service you would like to see in a company standing behind their product--JET will surpass those fantasies.

    I call, and I get not some $7 an hour telemarketer, but one of the founding guys at the company. We get to be e-mail buddies. He refers me to someone who bought JET lights who also lives in Japan, introduces us, and we start e-mailing each other as well.

    So here's some of the insane support they have.

    Imagine you have your lights a few years and you see that they've got some new features on the latest product sets--JET would very likely upgrade your existing system or replace it, but more likely your old components are fully compatible with the new ones because they think of those things when they design their products. So it seems you never, ever have to buy a whole new lighting system again. They'll always have the bulbs and other parts, or make it so your system will take whatever is current.

    They don't dick around with you about living in this country versus that and it changing the terms of the warranty. These people are really true to their word.

    And people are absolutely religious about JET lights. I haven't run into a single person who said they weren't absolutely satisfied with the performance, quality, and service of the company.

    I'm planning on getting the Starfire something-something lights, because JET has such a good track record and I'm figuring they'll be the last light set I'll ever need.

    Anyway, rambled on too much. Enjoy!

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    Thanks Blokes

    Have had the Jets for a while now - best damn set of lights i have ever made/owned/borrowed.

    Very bright, very strong (my mate borrowed em one night and "crashed" onto them), honest burn times, perfect beam spread combination.

    My only question/problem - how will i afford HID when JET bring them out??!!

    Cheers, Jawry

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