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    How did that get in there?

    What is the weirdest thing that has made its way into your helmet/jersey while riding? Lately for me its been moths and bees both in my helmet vents and down my partial unzipped jersey.

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    Had a yellow-jacket crawl down into my right kneepad and sting me a couple of times riding down Angry Pirate at Whistler years ago. That kinda sucked.

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    My helmet liner tried to crawl OUT of my helmet once. I washed it after that.
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    some weird crazed desert dweller.

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    I regularly find weed in my bags/pockets. WTH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbmb65 View Post
    I regularly find weed in my bags/pockets. WTH?

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    Yeah, WTH? It must be mine cause I always lose it.

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    A really long time ago I was on a road ride and ran into a swarm of bees. One doinked off my helmet and went down my jersey. Luckily it was stuck between my shirt and skin with the stinger out (you could see it poking through the jersey). I was able to get it out without it stinging me or me killing it.

    A few years ago I was on a potential PR climb on some switchbacks and a bee got under my backpack strap and DID sting me. I didn't bag the PR and, to add insult to injury, that trail got shut down and I haven't been back

    Honorable mention for a nothing-burger-that-could've-ended-badly was when a tarantula hawk bounced off the bridge of my glasses when I was bombing down a hill. I never did see where it ended up but I was off that bike in a few seconds with helmet, glasses and backpack flying off into different directions as I frantically looked for it. My bike ended up 10 yards behind me. Still don't remember sticking the landing.
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    Not on a bike but a motorcycle, I had four bees get inside my leathers while out riding. It was hot out over 100 so I had my leathers unzipped about 4-5 inches to be cooler and somehow ended up with several bees inside my leathers and received multiplel stings.

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    Like others, bee in the air vents of the helmet. I'd imagine that is relatively common though?

    Not my helmet... but one time cruising downhill on one of those multi-use paved pathways when I was commuting by bike, I happened to have my mouth open, and was inhailing at the exact moment a fly crossed my path. I inhailed it deep into my throat, and had a fit of coughing for a good 30 seconds after that.

    It was kind of impressive actually. My mouth wasn't open that wide, my head was down, and yet somehow the fly didn't so much as hit my teeth/tongue, or anything like that. Just literally straight down my throat in an instant, and then immediately coughed back out. I have thought about it, and I honestly can't think of who was more surprised in that situation (the fly, or me).

    And even more unrelated. But as a kid one time I had a hornet fly up the sleeve of a loose wristed long sleeve shirt unbeknownst to me. I kept complaining of a sore arm, and finally in the car on the way home I took my shirt off and found it (still alive). The next few moments in the van with me and all my siblings was pretty memorable .

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    Bees in helmet vents and down shirt. Jersey pockets get filled with leaves, branches and mud. I've now found a couple of ticks this season crawling on clothing or equipment after a ride (not on me, yet, fortunately). Especially in the fall, some trails get covered with orb weaver spiders webs and you end up crashing through the webs. A couple of times I've ended up with the spider on me (or thought the spider was on me). Stop, rip off helmet, jersey, brush out hair--all in about 7 seconds.

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    In my helmet? Easy. My brain.

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    How did that get in there?-fc52d3da-fb95-4c54-bea4-fc4b94b900d2.jpeg
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    I passionately remove rocks and corners and other stuff I find too hard to ride.

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    Stopped and picked up 6 unused shotgun shells once. Put them in the jersey pocket. I've also been known to forage black berries (if you put in your jersey, put them in a plastic bag first) and mushrooms.

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