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    Bonking ... not feelin' well How to add Intense Frame to review

    Missing a major frame mfg. on 2004 frame review ( full suspension). Emailed admin weeks ago. Any chance of having them add this catagory? Want to write review on my new 5.5 evp. This bike is amazing.

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    We're all ears....

    We're all ears, man...let's have it. Write the review here in preparation for the review board. How's it set-up and would it make a good XC ride? Be objective.

    My advice and $3 will buy you nothing more than a tunafish sandwich

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    ... and if we just ... Intense 5.5 evp REVIEW

    Fav. Trail: Technical, X/C, many in S.D.

    Duration: Only 3 rides

    Price: $4150.


    Strengths: Absolutely amazing suspension and responsivness. Freaky snap in turns almost effortless. Monster ability to absorb anything and keep you in the grove. Light weight and climbs very well.

    Weakness: A little diffrent feeling climbing tech. stuff. Need to keep weight on tip of saddle to keep front down. Diffrent from other bikes I've rode. Lost a little climbing speed over my Fuel 100 but not much.

    Sim prod: Not a bike guru but I think this frame set almost starts a new catagory.

    Bike set up: 5.5 evp medium sky blue w/ Swinger 4 way, Minute 2 130MM fork, Xt STI Shifters, Hayes HFX Mag break lev., C.K. Nothreadset, Thomson Elite stem, Answer ProTaper Carbon bar, Thompson Elite saddle, Hayes HFX Mag disc break, Shimano XT derailers, Shimano XTFC crank/rings and Chris King Mav. X3.1 wheelset tubless w/ Continentl Vert. Pro tire.

    Bottom Line: I am a 1 year rider 44 yrs. old. Started on Huffy then Kona NU NU, Then Fuel 100 and now this dream machine. I am agresssive yet careful rider 205lb. I imediately took to the sport for all the obvious reasons. Being in the great outdoors, exercise and rad fun! With this purchase I have literally doubled my skill / ability levle. It is FREAKY amazing what nice equipment will do for a rider. I can now take almost anything ( still cautious on more than 3' drops). This is an absolutely amazing 27 lb machine. Spend the money and don't go the route I did going through so many bikes in a short time. This is truly, an amazing machine, It's (verry) good to be alive!

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