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    History lesson...

    My passion still runs deep for the old'n days.... I don't post much anymore. To busy with life and riding, but today is the exception...

    I've been riding with my 13 year old son more and more since he graduated to my old Titus Motolite. These moments are awesome!! It's been fun to see him enjoy it so much that he too has become a Titus fan. The ole' ML was / is just that good. However, he was disappointed to learn that Titus no longer exists, but only in the internet and those of us that remember.

    Titus is dead.... long live Pivot.



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    Pivot is the NEW Titus....
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    Indeed. The Titus DNA is strong in the Pivot brand.... clearly.

    T'was a snapshot in time. And a tale not to be forgotten... how greed and soulless corporations destroy brand names. CC got screwed and Titus was raised, but out of the ashes arose a bird of fire.

    The words in that 10 year old thread were prophetic and provide an interesting retrospective.

    The ole Titus brand will forever be cool... even in the eye's of a 13 year old who's just discovered them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cayenne_Pepa View Post
    Pivot is the NEW Titus....
    This ^

    I will not read any replies past it.

    Get him a Pivot to keep his enthusiasm going.
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