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    Hip pain... revisited (hip pointer?)

    There was a hip pain thread going last week or so that I actually had a decent answer for - a first! But I've had my own hip pain going on the last couple months and it's different. Was wondering if anyone had any insight. Let me explain.

    So a couple months ago I had a minor bike accident - decending, was behind the saddle, went to dab and ended up banging my "hip" into my saddle. Now first let me define "hip". If you start at your hip bone on the side and then go up to her waist you hit your big pelvic bone. Then if you follow that back down and toward the front it kinda ends at like a bony point. Please, no jokes here! I hit right on the underside of that. It was bruised, but not bad. Sore, but I'm always banged up. Anyway, it's never really gotten better and hurts when I push on it and is constantly kind of sore and tight just walking around.

    So... does anyone know what the heck this is?! I've heard of hip pointers and remember fearing them for some reason during high school football. I think those are when you get hit right around there and it hurts and is slow to heal, etc but I'm not sure. It also feels like there are some tendons or something that connect right around there.

    Does anyone know what this is? Hip pointer? And, if so, what to do? (I should just go to the doctor but I hate going to the doctor.) Me and my hip region would be much obliged. Thanks. S

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    cracked cartilage?

    It will probably just take more time and avoiding activities that cause it to hurt more to heal. Also tailbone dislocation can be very debilitating. A quality sports chiropractor can determine if its an alignment problem or something broken or torn. And a quality chiropractor will work for very little payment if you don't have insurance if they really are in it to heal people. The chiro who I go to charges $10 per visit to people without insurance. Medicine doctors have a much higher overhead to pay back.

    - ray

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