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    haste makes waste...

    I was just getting my project bike together today. Last thing, change the brake pads on my Hayes Strokers (never had hydraulic brakes before). The piston was out so I pushed on the piston (center of it), put the new pads in and dang, the pads are rubbing on the disc. I went to read the manual on-line and I should not have pushed on the center of the piston My quesion, will it hurt the brake to ride like this? Can I rebuild the brakes?

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    I am a bit confused. You pulled out your pads, pushed the caliper pistons back in as far as they would go, then dropped in your new pads? If so, there's nothing wrong with that as long as you didn't push the pistons in such a way as to damage them. When you say the pads are rubbing, are both pads rubbing? Is one piston extending more than the other? Is one piston not retracting? Hayes Stokers have a reputation for sticky pistons. If that's the case, try something like this:


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